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Arleva botox cream

Arleva botox cream

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All it takes to get back in time is to use a drop of Arleva cream and after 90 seconds you can see the result on wrinkles.

Benefits of using Arleva instant wrinkle cream:

Get rid of wrinkles instantly in 90 seconds.

It is very easy to apply without pain or suffering such as Botox injections.

The percentage of wrinkle reduction reaches 92% instantly.

With repeated use, 75% of the wrinkles disappear.

Reduces puffy eyes and wrinkles around them quickly.

Reduces the appearance of sun damage, such as brown spots.

Helps promote healthy collagen production for the skin.

You can use it before applying make-up.

Its effect lasts up to 8 hours. If you want to rejuvenate the skin, you can apply it again and again for another 8 hours.

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